Electronics Waste Recycling ACTMarch 24, 2017 – 02:24 pm

Electronics Waste Recycling ACT

Since certain components of electronic devices may be considered hazardous due to heavy metal or other constituents, the end-of-life handling of some electronic discards is regulated by either federal (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act-RCRA) or State (Health and Safety Code) hazardous waste laws, or both. Regulations were promulgated to implement the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, with primary departments being CalRecycle and Department…

Free Electronics Waste RecyclingMarch 30, 2017 – 01:57 pm

Free Electronics Waste Recycling

What is electronic e-waste? E-waste is an informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” E-waste is anything with a circuit board. Look for products with digital displays & programmable features. Examples include TVs, office equipment, kitchen appliances, household & bath appliances, computer equipment and consumer electronics. Why should waste electronics be recycled? Electronic devices contain a variety… You can use cwRsync for fast remote file backup and synchronization.

Electronics Waste Recycling FeesApril 26, 2017 – 08:05 am

Electronics Waste Recycling Fees

The Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Fee ( eWaste fee) is assessed on the retail purchase or lease of covered electronic devices or CEDs, which are video display products that the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has determined to be hazardous when discarded. These products include computer monitors, laptop computers, portable DVD players with LCD screens, bare cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and devices containing CRTs, televisions with…

Electronics Waste Recycling UtahMarch 15, 2017 – 12:17 pm

Electronics Waste Recycling Utah

View 7 Items Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News Carl Johnson, Maria Geil and Jared Dain load electronics as EnableUtah hosts a free e-waste recycling event in Ogden on Saturday, March 4, 2017. In 1968, a group of parents got together to create a better educational experience for their disabled children. EnableUtah has since helped thousands of individuals with disabilities receive training and employment. Carl Johnson, Maria Geil and Jared Dain load…

Electronics Waste Recycling ProcessApril 17, 2017 – 07:41 am

Electronics Waste Recycling Process

HMR workers manually dismantle most electronic equipment and sort out valuable commodities that are sold to various recyclers. CRTs ready to be crushed for recycling. HMR accumulates quantities like this each week. The CRT crusher is completely self-contained in a transportable shipping container. Crushed CRT glass, coated with lead, ready for processing by a lead smelter. Other components from electronics are separated and sold as commodities to…

Electronics Waste RecyclingApril 5, 2017 – 02:44 pm

Electronics Waste Recycling

Nasty data breaches. Environmental degradation. Scandal. Imagine walking into your boss’s office and having to explain why your customers’ data ended up in the wrong hands because you made a bad choice in getting rid of your computers. Picture the look on your CEO’s face when a pile of used electronics that came from your stores somehow ended up in an unregulated waste dump and is being disassembled and melted down by children. Sounds scary and maybe…

Electronics Waste Recycling CenterMarch 3, 2017 – 04:45 pm

Electronics Waste Recycling Center

We are the largest non-municipal provider of e-waste recycling services in NYC. We offer two ways for residents to participate in our e-waste recycling programs: you can bring your electronics to our Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse , or to a one-day collection event, which we offer in all five boroughs on a seasonal basis. Our Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse is New York City’s only free, permanent e-waste drop-off facility. We accept all varieties of consumer…

California Electronics Waste Recycling FeesMarch 9, 2017 – 01:21 pm

California Electronics Waste Recycling Fees

The state of California has passed legislation imposing an electronic waste recycling fee for a sale made by a retailer to a consumer in California for certain electronic items. This legislation was SB 20 Senate Bill CHAPTERED and SB 50. To comply with this new regulation, Acer will charge the applicable California Electronic Waste Recycling fee on all covered items. These covered items include laptop computers, profile computers, tablet PCs, Media…