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May 29, 2017 – 07:38 am
Business and commercial waste

Established in 1999, Commercial Recycling programs have helped hundreds of Plano businesses conserve resources. As Plano nears commercial build-out, increased utilization of waste diversion programs for new and existing businesses is a pivotal part of program success.

With the commitment of local businesses, Commercial Recycling has increased the city’s diversion rate from 5% in 1999 to over 40%. The commercial sector accounts for over 70% of Plano's solid waste material, and progress is achieved through four main programs:

  • Construction & Demolition Recycling - This program offers project superintendents and site managers an incentive for recycling construction debris such as concrete, wood and metal on new construction, alteration, remodeling and demolition projects. In fiscal year ending 2016, this program helped divert over 84, 000 tons from local landfills and resulted in sizable cost savings in debris disposal for program participants.
  • Organic Recycling - focused on capturing organic materials, ranging from food scraps, meats, fish, bones, produce and floral from restaurants, grocery stores and corporate cafeterias, this material is collected and transported to the regional composting facility where it is used to make Texas Pure Products.
  • Single-Stream Recycling - This program mirrors the recycling program for Plano residents, allowing the collection of all acceptable materials in a single container. Single-Stream recycling is the easiest program for businesses of all sizes and types to implement. It is estimated that 98% of Plano businesses could successfully participate in this program.
  • Green Business Certification (GBC) - This program is for businesses that exhibit enhanced environmental attributes. Recycling is just the start. This program is designed for small to medium-sized Plano businesses - no matter their current environmental status. Get connected with Plano businesses utilizing numerous sustainability measures.

Your commercial recycling team represent over 60 years of collective recycling industry experience. They look forward to assisting you with waste minimization through conducting waste-stream audits, providing recycling training, assisting in preparation for Green Business Certification, and offering environmental resources. These value-added services are provided to Plano businesses at no cost.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Recycling Container with Venting Channels, Plastic, 23 Gallons, Green (354007GN)
BISS Basic (Rubbermaid Commercial Products)
  • Venting channels make removing liners from the recycle bin up to 60% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury
  • Four bag cinches secure liners around the rim of the receptacle and create quick, knot-free liner changes
  • Robust handles at the base and rim of the recycling bin resist tearing and improve control while lifting and emptying
  • Rib-strengthened rim resists crushing while the step design prevents jamming when nested
  • Crafted of the highest quality commercial-grade materials for superior durability
Coordinating Deskside Trash & Recycling Wastebasket Containers in Black & Blue Plastic, Small, 13-5/8 quart (3.4 gallon), Pack of 6 – Compare to Rubbermaid Commercial
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  • Who says your office has to have boring, unattractive wastebaskets?
  • Made in North America with a minimum of 35% recycled content; from the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Recycling Rules!
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  • Each bin measures 12.25 tall x 11.25 wide x 8.5deep
RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL PROD. Rubbermaid® Commercial - Medium Deskside Recycling Container, Rectangular, Plastic, 28 1/8 qt, Blue - Sold As 1 Each - Use beside wastebasket.
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  • Use beside wastebasket.
  • Keep recyclables separated from other refuse.
Rubbermaid FG295673 Blue Medium Deskside Recycling Container with Universal Recycle Symbol, 28-1/8 qt Capacity, 14.4" Length x 10.25" Width x 15" Height
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  • Displays the universal recycling symbol in contrasting white
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  • Contains Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) exceeding EPA guidelines
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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rubbermaid Commercial 1788374 Untouchable Waste and Recycling Container, 23-gallon Single-Stream Recycling Lid, Blue
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  • Durable and crack resistant, even under tough indoor or outdoor conditions.
  • Perfect for hotel lobbies, offices, restrooms, shopping malls, restaurants and other public locations.
  • Available in round, half-round and square shapes to fit every application.

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