Waste & Recycling

March 6, 2017 – 01:47 pm

Question: How much of the University of Sheffield waste is recycled?

Answer: 80%

Only 20% of University waste goes to landfill sites, the rest is recycled:
  • You sort 40% e.g. paper, card, electricals
  • The University sends the rest to a sorting facility
  • The sorting facility recovers and recycles 40% inc plastics, metals, glass and wood
  • If you want detailed information the University waste is treated and recycled, check out the Estates Recycling Page!

    1. Try to reduce your waste where possible!

  • Print or copy only if necessary and if you do print double sided if you must (if possible, keep things in electronic form only)
  • Leave packaging in stores or send it back to the providers when you ordered things
  • Bring It, Don't Bin It! This initiative donates any unwanted items to local charities rather than discarding it into the normal waste stream
  • waste hierarchy2. Help to recycle as much waste as possible, by sorting waste properly

    At the University you can recycle

  • paper & cards (in blue recycling bin)
  • printer cartridges (recycling box outside Addison coffee room)
  • batteries (hand it into the BMS office or to Bob and Matt in the electronics workshop )
  • telecoms and computers (Contact Bob and Matt in the electronics workshop)
  • fluorescent tubes (Contact Bob and Matt in the electronics workshop)
  • plastics (recycling bins near the arts tower)
  • food tins and drink cans (recycling bins near the arts tower)
  • mixed glass (recycling bins near the arts tower)
  • used stamps (collection box in Addison tea room)
  • Find information about milk bottle top recycling on the University Green Impact website
  • 3. Purchase environmentally friendly materials

  • Use 100% recycled paper for your printer or photocopy machine
  • for example Evolve Everyday 100% recycled paper

  • Wildlife Control

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