Commercial Dry Waste Recycling

December 18, 2016 – 04:00 pm
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The processing of Industrial/Commercial commingled waste streams comprised primarily of bulky cardboard, office paper, mixed recyclable materials and trash.

Commercial dry waste is an issue in both the retail and the industrial industries. While a number of different recycling collection methods have been used in the past, no system has been 100 percent effective. However, Green Machine’s® new dry waste recycling system is capable of collecting mixed recyclables and sorting them into various groups. This makes the entire dry waste disposal system much more efficient and much cheaper. With no need to sort materials beforehand, the cost and time involved in commercial recycling is lowered dramatically.

The dry waste recycling system designed and manufactured by Green Machine® is the most efficient automatic sorting system in North America. It can separate each commodity from a mixture of various commercial dry wastes using several different techniques. These techniques include a network of screens that sift out small items, a set of conveyors, automated optical sorters, air separation methods, and some manual sortation. These methods can be somewhat effective on their own, but when combined, they can sort dry waste with a very high success rate. Once sorted, waste can be easily recycled or compacted down for other use. Without a system to separate mixed recycling, the entire process would take much longer.

All recycling systems created by Green Machine® are designed to produce the cleanest end product possible. Their dry waste disposal and recycling system are no exception. Companies looking to add a more efficient and clean recycling system should look no further than Green Machine’s® powerful Commercial mixed recycling equipment.

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Joseph Joseph® Joseph Joseph 30002 Intelligent Waste Totem Garbage Trash Can Unit with Recycling Bin, 16-gallon, Gray
Kitchen (Joseph Joseph®)
  • Totem 16 gallon garbage, food waste and recycling Unit
  • Separate garbage, recycling and food waste compartments
  • Made of powder-coated stainless steel with finger-proof coating
  • Easy touch lid opener, rear handle and rubber wheels
  • Intelligent Waste by Joseph Joseph
Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph 30013 Intelligent Waste Stack Stackable Recycling Bin Container Separation System, 6-gallon, Off-White
Kitchen (Joseph Joseph)
  • Modular system adapts to suit available space and recycling requirements
  • Unique, slim line design allows access to all compartments when stacked
  • Color-coded lid tabs help identify recycling types
  • Sliding lids hide recycling
  • Removable inner buckets for easy emptying
Coordinating Deskside Trash & Recycling Wastebasket Containers in Black & Blue Plastic, Small, 13-5/8 quart (3.4 gallon), Pack of 6 – Compare to Rubbermaid Commercial
Home (Busch Systems)
  • Who says your office has to have boring, unattractive wastebaskets?
  • Made in North America with a minimum of 35% recycled content; from the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Recycling Rules!
  • Buy them as a set. Placing recycling and trash side by side increases your participation rate!
  • Graphics are hot stamped during manufacturing and won t wash off when cleaned
  • Each bin measures 12.25 tall x 11.25 wide x 8.5deep
Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph 30019 Intelligent Waste Totem Trash Can and Recycler Unit Garbage Can Recycling Bin, 13-gallon, Off-White
Kitchen (Joseph Joseph)
  • Replaceable odor filter
  • General waste compartment
  • Multi-purpose drawer with removable divider
  • Custom-fit liners available
  • External surfaces - wipe clean with a damp cloth. Liners and food waste caddy - Clean with hot, soapy water
Busch Systems Blue Stackable Recycling Bin Container with Handle 6 Gallon - 8 Pack of Bins
Home (Busch Systems)
  • FREE SHIPPING (lower 48) on our best-selling recycling bin
  • easy to carry handle with an ingenious stackable design: handle folded forward, they stack; handle folded backward, they nest!
  • see our 9-pack, 12-pack, 16-pack and 22-pack for even greater savings per bin! Also comes in a 3-pack, 4-pack and 6-pack
  • popular with schools, offices, condos and apartment complexes; and yes, it s great for organizing a chest freezer!
  • from the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Recycling Rules!

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