Renovation Garbage Removal

Renovation Garbage Removal

A Few Ideas For Ways To Dispose Of Renovation Waste

When you remodel your home, you get to apply the adage, “Out with the old, in with the new.” Where do you put all of the old out, though? Instead of creating a massive amount of waste in front of your house, you should know how to remove your debris from your project. After all, your home is just that—a home—and should not have to look like a construction site.

So that you can remodel your house without having garbage pile up out front, we want to offer these ways to dispose of renovation waste.

  • Donate Materials: When breaking down what you will be removing from your house, opt for deconstruction instead of demolition. If you have materials that are in good shape and could be reused, you may be able to donate them to a drop off center that will use them in social housing projects. You should also consider donating your old appliances and carpet.
  • DIY It: You can save yourself some money by disposing of your renovation waste yourself. Call your local landfill or waste transfer station to see if they will be able to properly dispose of your materials. Be aware that you might need to dispose of your materials in different dump piles, so it pays to have them sorted in advance.
  • Hire A Pro: Your normal garbage collection service may be able to remove your waste. Call and ask. If not, you can choose a renovation waste removal company or a collapsible trash bin.

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