How to Dump furniture

How to Dump furniture?

Sit happens… to the three best names in furniture. Sitting on a mountain of Italian leather, Soft Line dumps $6, 000 handmade sectionals on their outlet under $2, 000. Fast fashion happens… Jessica Jacobs brings her $6, 000 sofas to The Dump for $994. Overstocks happen… Flexteel’s $2, 000 power leather recliners are $675. The American furniture industry only has one outlet: The Dump. Lucky you, Chicago! What comes Friday morning is gone Sunday night.

Say Goodbye to Every Mattress

We say goodbye to every mattress at The Dump. Friday, you say hello to 16 inches of pure silver at 70% off and free power adjustables. 70% off the handmade mattress of Canada. Hello free power adjustables. 75% off five-diamond hotel luxury. $2, 000 queen memory foam for $199, kings $299. Free delivery. Free financing. Free power adjustables. Friday, goodbye to every mattress. Hello to 80 percent off at The Dump.

Hundreds of Brand Names, One Furniture Outlet

The outlet for Old Hickory Tannery. The outlet for Theodore Alexander and A.R.T. The outlet for Flexsteel, Stanley & Nicoletti. Hundreds of brand names. America’s one furniture outlet. The Dump. Lucky you, Chicago!

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