Where to give furniture away for free

Where to give furniture away for free?

There are several resources to use that can provide free furniture to either low income families or people recovering from a disaster, such as a fire. Not only can items be provided by charities that run these programs, but families can also purchase low cost furniture from thrift stores, many of which are run by charities or local churches.

There are many different types of goods provided as well as . Usually an organization that helps the low income, such as the Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul, will provide essential items to struggling families or individuals. This may include beds, kitchen tables, cribs, small appliances, mattresses, couches, household supplies, and small furnishings for a new home. Many more items may be provided as well by the furniture banks or organizations that offer support.

The furniture items are given out for one of many reasons. They include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • A family living in poverty that is getting established into a new home may be given items.
  • A formerly homeless person can be given beds, blankets, and other needed furnishings for a new apartment.
  • Women or fleeing domestic violence are often major beneficiaries of the charities that pass out free furniture.
  • Immigrants, the unemployed, and the disabled can often get help from a furniture bank.
  • Programs help families rebuilding from a disaster or emergency situation, such as a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, or the like.

There are different ways to apply for help. Some of the charities that run these services will require the applicant to have a referral from a social worker. Almost every single furniture bank will require proof of hardship, so applicants should bring details on their income, assets, savings, and monthly expenses. Priority is often given to homes with children, single moms fleeing domestic violence, or the formerly homeless.

While everyone wants furniture given to them for free, many people may not qualify. Maybe their income is too high, or there is not a charity program in their area. In these cases they can shop for low cost furniture at a local thrift store. There are thousands of these around the nation. Some of the larger providers include Goodwill, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, and many others.

The items are almost always donated from the public. They will be gently used, but tend to be in decent shape. There are even businesses that may donate to a furniture bank, such as local colleges, hotels, manufactures, universities, and even national furniture retailers.

One of the nation’s leading operators of both thrift stores as well as free household furnishing programs is Saint Vincent De Paul. There are hundreds of churches that are part of this charity organization. Anyone seeking help will need to have a home visit take place by a Venetian, which is a volunteer from the group.

Most of what they provide is basic needs. This can include furniture to help a very low income family get established. They may not only provide the items someone needs (whether it is a bed or a place to sit such as a chair), but the Venetians may even deliver goods to the elderly or sick. So many social services are available, and find locations of Saint Vincent De Paul churches.

Another charity to try for furniture and stuff for a home, this one being a Christian based group, is the Salvation Army. They do assist anyone though, regardless of their gender, race, or religion. In fact, many people that seek furniture are the vulnerable, such as senior citizens, immigrants and the working poor.

Vouchers may be given to shop at their furniture distribution centers or Family Stores. The items available change based on the week and month. In some cases, the items available can even include seasonal goods such as fans to cool a home. This will be in addition to the standard items such as coaches, futons, TVs, tables, and more. If someone does not qualify for a free voucher, they can buy the furniture they need. Find how to apply for Salvation Army social services.

Goodwill Industries generally sells low cost goods. They use donations of surplus furniture and sell it back to the community. The money raised goes to help pay for their other assistance programs available, including job placement or training and more. This charity is a great resource for struggling families.

Many churches also operate free furniture banks. They help families that have a low to moderate income. There are national faith based groups, such as LOVE Inc. or United Methodist, as well as local churches as well. Not only may critical household items be given, but many also have clothes, food, and more. The furniture they provide generally will be gently used, but volunteers from the community will prepare them for clients. Find information on churches that help people in need.

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